The Bleeding Hearts

Tim performs and releases his own music (written with longtime collaborator David Rheins) with rock band The Bleeding Hearts. They have released two albums, "Be apart." (1995) and "Everything that ever was." (2005).

Rock critic Dave Lindquist of the Indianapolis Star calls Everything That Ever Was, (available on iTunes, ahem) “some of the best grown-up rock and roll of any era.", and says the opening track, Reckless With Love  “explodes as a modern descendant of Bruce Springsteen’s Rosalita and Tom Petty’s American Girl.” 

MArk Emge, in Evansville, IN weekly News 4 You says, "Brickley and Rheins' songs, chronicling loss (as in love, identity, love, home and love) are perfectly complimented by Brickley's painstakingly-crafted soundtracks, all the more impressive as they reference - but don't rip off - masters like Lennon/McCartney, Bob Dylan and Paul Westerberg. " 

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